Rebonding of the Body


Rebonding Poster

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NNVAWI convention
Charlottesville, Virginia
4-6 March 2912

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This program was originally developed in 1982 for the treatment of children who were sexually abused.  It was then adapted for teenagers and adults.  It now has a broader application in the healing process for individuals of all ages who have experienced a wide range of traumatic experiences.  As well as treating individuals who have experienced physical and sexual abuse, it has been successful in treating persons who have survived cancer treatment, severe burns and motor vehicle accidents, as well as persons with eating disorders and psychosomatic illness.
The technique works on the following assumptions.  In order to survive certain traumatic incidents persons disassociate or “disown” parts of their bodies or personalities.  No real healing can take place until those disassociated parts or personalities are reintegrated.  This reintegration seldom happens by verbal therapy alone.
Rebonding of the Body incorporates movement, art, relaxation, visualization (or guided imagery), cognitive restructuring and systematic desensitization into structured program that allows the participants to become more trusting and comfortable with their bodies and themselves. 
Deanna is available for private consultation or training workshops. 
Rebonding of the Body  is available in a workbook and is provided to the workshop leader trainees or can be ordered separately.