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Rebonding of the Body
 Mulvihill, Deanna,
    ISBN 0-9680242-0-3 $40.00 US

"Rebonding of the Body" is a systematic approach to treatment for persons who have experienced sexual or physical abuse or severe trauma. The technique was developed in 1982 to respond to the needs of a large number of children who had experienced sexual abuse. It was then adapted for women, teenagers and then men. This manual describes the development of the program and the early experiences with the technique.  The program has now expanded to treat a variety of conditions including eating disorders, depression, body distortions  and cancer survivors.  It has now been offered to several hundred women and children. (112 pages)

A workbook outlines the sessions, step-by-step instructions for the therapist, with a transcript of the relaxation and visualization exercises.  (42 pages)

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